Wine Tasting Featuring Mary Taylor Wines

We are excited to announce that we will be featuring the exquisite selection of Mary Taylor Wines in our tasting this week.  I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mary Taylor herself, whose passion and dedication to authentic, terroir-driven wines is truly inspiring. Her commitment to quality and transparency shines through in every bottle, and we are thrilled to share these exceptional wines with you.

Mary Taylor is a wine importer and entrepreneur known for her eponymous brand, Mary Taylor Wines. She has a passion for authentic, terroir-driven wines and works closely with small, family-owned vineyards in Europe to bring their distinctive, high-quality wines to a broader market. Her mission is to offer transparency and simplicity in wine labeling, making it easier for consumers to understand and appreciate the origins and stories behind each bottle.

At first glance, all of Mary Taylor’s wines look the same: a simple white label with no-nonsense copperplate font displaying her name, the appellation, the winemaker, and their village or town. There are no grape varieties listed, and the appellations might be unfamiliar to many. Her labels are designed to evoke a sense of tradition and effortless classicism, with the wines themselves conveying an air of "you should know this."

Mary Taylor Wines offers a curated selection of European wines that emphasize authentic, terroir-driven expressions from small, family-owned vineyards. The brand is committed to transparency and simplicity, ensuring each bottle clearly communicates its origin and the story of its producers. By focusing on quality and accessibility, Mary Taylor Wines makes it easy for wine enthusiasts to explore and enjoy diverse regional flavors.

We currently have several of her wines on our shelves; Mary Taylor Valencay, Mary Taylor Anjou Blanc, and Mary Taylor Bordeaux Blanc.  These wines are amazing and are shop favorites in The Wine Shop and The Toddy Shop.  This week, we will be branching out to try several new wines.

Mary Taylor Veneto Frizzante
Mary Taylor Veneto Frizzante is a delightful sparkling wine from Italy's Veneto region, characterized by its fine, gentle bubbles and refreshing acidity.  This fun wine is full of enticing aromas that get the senses firing on all cylinders. Aromas of fresh lemon, lemon oil and wet slate with a leesy yeast note pour from the glass. The palate is packed with fresh, ripe orchard fruits and yellow roses to finish with a bright pop of acidity. Its vibrant and lively nature makes it an excellent choice for casual get-togethers and celebrations alike.

Mary Taylor Sicilia Bianco

Mary Taylor Sicilia Bianco is a bright, aromatic white wine sourced from the sun-drenched vineyards of Sicily. A delicate, aromatic nose of fresh lime, orange blossom and Meyer lemon turns more savory on the palate, where the notes of citrus meet fresh herbs and then settle into a salty, mineral finish.

Mary Taylor Argenias Rosé
Mary Taylor Argenias Rosé is an enchanting rosé wine with a lovely pink hue, produced from vineyards in a region known for its expressive rosés. This rosé from the lovely Christophe Avi is made from his younger Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon vines.  It offers nuanced notes of minerally orange blossom, wet stone, and lime leaf, with lots of grip.

Mary Taylor Coteaux de Cabrerisse

Mary Taylor Coteaux de Cabrerisse is a robust and earthy red wine from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France, known for its rich, terroir-driven wines. A pure rendition of the varietal, complete with bright red fruits like cranberry, strawberry, and raspberry, alongside a hint of cinnamon, wild herbs, and star anise. The palate follows the nose, and despite all those red fruit notes, is a markedly fresh and dry wine. We recommend drinking this slightly chilled.

We hope you can join us in celebrating the unique flavors and stories behind Mary Taylor Wines!

Wednesday, June 19 ~ 4:30pm-6:30pm
$10 per person ~ No reservations needed

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