Wednesday Wine Tasting with Pala Wines and Special Guest, Fabio Angius!

We are very excited about our Wednesday Wine Tasting this week!  Not only are we going to be sampling amazing wines from Pala Wines, but we will also have a very special guest!  Fabio Angius, Managing Director of Pala Wines, will be joining us for the evening.  

Pala Wines

The Azienda Agricola Pala (or Pala estate) was founded in Sardinia, Italy, in 1950.

Mario Pala is now the third generation of the family taking care of the vines of his family with the help of his wife Rita and the fourth generation of the family represented by his sons Massimiliano, Elisabetta and Mariantonietta.

From father to son since 1950 there’s the most important ingredients that the Pala family has always added to terroir, tradition, respect for the environment: the passion to make wines that are able to express the family character and the terroir of this extraordinary island.
Pala is located just outside of Serdiana, on the southern coast of the island close to Clagliari, the capital of Sardinia.  Their property stretches over 98 hectares of land with eight vineyard sites located in six sections in the southern region of the island.  
Our Special Guest ~ Fabio Angius, Managing Director, Pala Wines
Fabio Angius, a native to Sardinia, worked at a bar close to the Pala estate in his youth. Post college Fabio was offered a job at Pala and developed an interest and passion for vines, the land and the winemaking process. After taking courses in oenology he joined Pala in 1999 to be promoted to Managing Director in 2002. Since assuming the role, Fabio has expanded the distribution of Pala to markets such as France, UK, Japan and United States. When Fabio is not at work he enjoys spending time with his son Alessio, working on his garden and relaxing at the beach in the summer.
Wines We're Tasting This Week
"Milleluci" Nuragus DOC  -
 Nuragus is the oldest vine in Sardinia, according to recent excavations even wild, according to others introduced by the Phoenicians in 2,500 BC through the port and the city of Karalis, present-day Cagliari.
*Pale straw colour with greenish streak and reflections. Slightly fruit aroma, good intensity and persistence. Fresh vegetable notes. Dry and fresh taste, good intensity and acidity. Medium nose-palate persistence.
"Stellato"  Vermentino IGT - Vermentino 100%.
*Intense straw yellow colour with greenish tinges, brilliant. Intense, lingering aroma with vegetable and floral fragrances of maquis and summer fruits. Pleasant nose-palate harmony, warm and full of good depth and perky acidity, balanced.
"Oltreluna" Monica DOC - 100% Monica 
A red variety of uncertain origin, Monica was brought to Sardinia and planted in 1400 by the Camaldolese monks around their monasteries. 
*Intense ruby red colour with violet hints, very clear. Very intense, with vegetable and spicy hints, light liquorice nuance. Dry and smooth to the palate, enjoyably fresh, well balanced and harmonious, good nose-palate persistence.
"Centosere" Cannonau DOC -
The king red grape of Sardinia, part of the Grenache grape family.  
*Intense ruby red colour with violet hints, very clear. Very intense, fresh and immediate aroma with notes of ripe red fruits and vegetables. Dry and smooth to the palate, good structure and nose-palate persistence.
You don't want to miss this one!  
Wednesday, June 28
$10 per person
No reservations needed
See you there!
Thank You!
The Wine Shop of Charleston 

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