Viña Zorzal ~Nurturing the vines, the respect for the land....

In 1989, a significant chapter in the story of Vina Zorzal unfolded when Antonio Sanz, after dedicating his life to the world of wine, finally realized his lifelong dream: crafting his own wines in the picturesque region of Navarra.

It wasn't long before Antonio recognized a fundamental truth – that the art of producing exceptional wines wasn't solely confined to the winery's walls. Rather, it hinged on the tender care and meticulous attention given to the vines themselves. This revelation became the cornerstone of their winemaking philosophy.

Today, as Antonio's sons, stand on the shoulders of his wisdom and experience, fully appreciating the gravity of his decision. They understand that it's in the nurturing of the vines, the respect for the land, and the artful fusion of tradition and innovation that they have had the privilege of crafting something truly extraordinary in the captivating and ever-evolving world of wine.

In 2007, Antonio's sons, built upon the invaluable teachings and enduring philosophy that their father had instilled in them from their youth. It was during this pivotal year that they embarked on a new venture: the creation of Viña Zorzal. This marked a significant turning point in the family's winemaking journey.

As his sons took the reins of this exciting new project, Antonio was no longer alone in his pursuit. The shared passion and knowledge that had been passed down through generations now united us as a family, bound by a common dedication to producing exceptional wines. Together, they continued to honor the principles and values that Antonio had imparted to them over the years, ensuring that his legacy would endure and thrive in the world of wine.

 Viña Zorzal Garnacha Rose~

 A young, crisp, and exuberant rosado. Floral aromas mixed with wild berries, mainly strawberries. Fresh with lively acidity and a long finish, unique to a rosé.


Viña Zorzal Garnacha ~

Clear, medium intensity, ruby-colored wine with clean, high-intensity fresh aromas of black fruit such us blackberry, blackcurrant, also black pepper, cedar and earthy notes. Dry and fresh on the palate with soft tannins, medium body, black fruit flavors, mineral hints and a long finish.


 Viña Zorzal Tempranillo~

From more than 30-year-old vines. Clove, black fruit followed by soft cherry and ripe fruit on the nose. The palate is fresh, full-bodied and powerful, with a long and balanced finish.


In addition to Vina Zorzal, we will also be tasting an this interesting red wine from Nibiru Winery. 

 Nibiru 'Grundstein' Portugieser Kamptal~

Josef Schenter and Julia Nather have a vision for their vineyards in the northern Kamptal region: Drawing on principles of permaculture and regenerative farming, they are fostering a self-sustaining habitat. Besides spreading compost made onsite and doing some selective vine management, they let the property grow wild. Drawn from 20-year-old vines planted on loam, this portugieser is fermented 50% whole-cluster, 50% destemmed and bottled without fining or filtration. Light and peppery, underpinned with complex, savory blueberry and unsweetened chocolate, this is a sophisticated wine at an unassuming price. Certified organic, biodynamically grown, low-intervention/natural wine, vegan.


Join us Wednesday September 6, 2023 from 5pm ~ 7pm

We're delighted to have you join us!


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