Tasting of Copper Cane Wines By Joe Wagner


 Tasting of Copper Cane Wines By Joe Wagner

This week we will be featuring and tasting wines from a prominent and respected  winemaker in California, Joe Wagner. He is best known for producing wines crafted for a touch of luxury. The Wagner family has a long history in the wine industry, with roots dating back to the 1850s when they first started growing grapes in Napa Valley. Over the generations, they've established a reputation for crafting high-quality wines that often focus on specific grape varietals.

Belle Glos produces a range of wines, including their "Belle Glos Pinot Noir" series, which features wines from different vineyards within California. While they are renowned for their Pinot Noir offerings, they also produce a rosé wine called "Belle Glos Oeil De Perdrix."

The term "Oeil De Perdrix" is French for "eye of the partridge" and is used to describe a light pink color often associated with certain rosé wines. It's a nod to the delicate color that can resemble the eye of a partridge bird. The Belle Glos Oeil De Perdrix rosé is typically made using Pinot Noir grapes and is known for its vibrant fruit flavors and elegant profile.

The Elouan wines are typically fruit-forward with rich flavors and a smooth texture, characteristics that are often associated with Oregon Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. These wines aim to capture the essence of Oregon's varied growing regions while maintaining a consistent and approachable style.

 To finish out these award-winning wines from Joe Wagner's Copper Cane Wines, we have Quilt Threadcount Red Blend. Throughout California’s most noteworthy coastal growing regions, vines from young to old, Wagner was able to select from a broad array of terroirs giving the luxury of blending a red that defies the norms.  As Threadcount is commonly known, it is the sum of the threads and weft of a fabric, denoting its texture. With this red wine, he has taken an approach that takes the sum of the phenols against the natural acidity to create the most balanced and enjoyable red wine, with no holds barred.  This inaugural blend is handcrafted by Joe Wagner, a fifth-generation Napa Valley winemaker.

Join us on Wednesday, August 23 from 5pm – 7pm. We look forward to seeing you!!


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