Rich historical legacy of French winemaking.

This week, we are proud to showcase wines that hold a profound reverence for the rich historical legacy of French winemaking. We're bringing you vineyards from distinguished families, boasting a combined winemaking heritage of over three millennia. Chloe Wines, since its establishment in 1997, has remained resolute in its dedication to crafting wines of unparalleled quality and unique character. They collaborate and source grapes from vineyards deeply rooted in longstanding winemaking traditions. At Chloe Wines, there is a strong commitment to preserving and highlighting the heritage and expertise of these families, which culminates in the creation of high-quality wines.

Domaine Glantenet Père & Fils Hautes-Côtes de Nuits Blanc 2020

This 100% Chardonnay wine gleams with a delicate, silvery-gold hue. It greets the senses with the fragrance of white spring blossoms, a subtle note of lemon curd, and the invigorating essence of fresh lemon juice. In the mouth, it offers a medium body, with a graceful interplay of pear, zesty lemon, and hints of mineral water. This wine dances elegantly on the palate, delivering vibrant citrus notes and the refreshing sensation of cool spring water.


Domaine Glantenet Père & Fils Hautes-Côtes de Nuits Rouge 2021

A luscious Pinot Noir, painted in rich, deep shades of red, showcases an array of wild berries and black cherries. It exudes a deep, sensuous vitality on the palate, offering opulence with its soft, rounded character. Despite its moderate body, it achieves remarkable balance. The wine reveals a touch of umami, seamlessly blending savory notes with the ripe richness of dark and red fruits.

Domaine De Couron Cotes du Rhone Villages Saint Andeol 2018

A vibrant blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre reveals a violet hue, while an aromatic bouquet entices with a spice cabinet. Notes of leather, garrigue, and dark fruit emerge, complemented by a velvety hint of spice. This medium-bodied wine is balanced by a touch of acidity that tempers the rich dark fruit, leading to a spicy and satisfying finish.

Oliver Dumaine Saint-Joseph 2020

Deep crimson in color, this wine exudes an alluring aroma of fruit lozenges and pastilles, where the essence of loganberry intertwines harmoniously with mulberry notes. On the palate, it showcases undulating waves of black fruits with velvety tannins, culminating in a slightly toasted finish. The length of this wine is confidently sustained, concluding with the delightful presence of red berry fruits, particularly raspberry.

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