Pairing Italian Wines with Thanksgiving Delights

As the autumn foliage gently descends and a refreshing chill embraces the air, families and friends all over the United States eagerly anticipate the arrival of Thanksgiving. This cherished holiday, observed on the fourth Thursday of November, provides an opportunity to express gratitude and relish a lavish banquet with those we hold dear. Though Thanksgiving has conventionally been associated with American wines, setting out on an exploration of the realm of Italian wines can bring a delightful and unexpected dimension to your holiday meal.

The art of pairing Italian wines with your Thanksgiving feast promises an enchanting expedition, marrying Old World elegance with the quintessential flavors of the New World's culinary traditions.


Pairing Verdeca wine with Thanksgiving offers an enjoyable experience. Originating from southern Italy, Verdeca presents refreshing citrus and green apple notes. Pair it with appetizers, turkey, salads, seafood, vegetarian dishes, side dishes, and even desserts to enhance your Thanksgiving feast.

With its straw-yellow and crystal-clear hue, this wine surprises the nose with a combination of white floral aromas entwined with citrus and fruity undertones, such as pear and pineapple. The taste profile is characterized by a dry, embracing richness, offering a creamy texture and concluding with a refreshing, mineral finish.

Le Ragnaie Troncone Toscana Rosso 2021

Pared with your Thanksgiving meal this wine will complement dishes like roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, grilled or roasted vegetables, ham, and cheese platters. This versatile red wine's balanced acidity and earthy notes can enhance the flavors of your holiday feast.

From the very first scent, this wine is captivating, offering notes of salted cherry, fragrant raspberry, tanned leather, and dried herbal nuances that span a lifted palate. It's elegantly structured with firm, fine tannins and lifted by effortlessly refreshing acidity, culminating in a burst of peppery spice. This youthful, medium-bodied wine exudes an exquisite sense of ease and grace. Savor it abundantly.

Guido Berta Barbera d'Asti 2021

Barbera D’Asti, a timeless favorite, proves to be an excellent choice for Thanksgiving wine pairing. This red wine boasts a wonderful balance of acidity and moderate tannins, making it a harmonious match for the flavors and textures of turkey. Its red fruit undertones, reminiscent of cranberry, and hints of baking spices such as cinnamon, beautifully complement traditional Thanksgiving dishes like cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes.

The aroma is vibrant, filled with floral and ripe strawberry notes. On the palate, it maintains a fresh and concentrated profile, highlighting juicy fruit and the essence of summer berries. The wine is balanced with crisp acidity and concludes with a subtle herbal finish.

Gutiérrez Colosia, Oloroso "Sangre y Trabajadero" Sherry

To elevate your Thanksgiving desserts, indulge in Oloroso Sherry alongside pecan pie, chocolate treats, cheesecake, fruit tarts, spiced desserts, and more. This sherry's luscious, nutty, and sweet flavors beautifully enhance these delectable sweets, creating a sumptuous pairing. It also harmonizes splendidly with a platter of nuts and aged cheeses, providing an exquisite conclusion to your meal.

This intricate, opulent dry Oloroso has a deceptive sweetness that gives way to its true dry nature. It presents roasted mixed nuts, featuring Brazils and hazelnuts, layered over a rich, dense palate with a subtle hint of salty, ocean influence. The enduring finish is reminiscent of mahogany caramel, lingering endlessly.

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