Join Us For A Greek Wine Tasting Featuring Lyrarakis Wines!

Join us this week as we visit wines from Crete, Greece.

Lyrarakis Wines, located in the Heraklion region of Crete, Greece, is renowned for its dedication to preserving and reviving rare, indigenous grape varieties. Founded in 1966, the family-owned winery emphasizes sustainable farming and traditional winemaking techniques. The vineyard is situated at a high altitude, benefiting from a unique microclimate and diverse soil types that contribute to the distinctiveness of their wines. Lyrarakis Wines produces a range of wines that highlight the rich viticultural heritage of Crete, with a focus on authenticity and quality.

Lyrarakis Psarades Dafni is a unique white wine from Lyrarakis Winery in Crete, Greece. Made from the rare Dafni grape, this wine features aromatic notes of bay leaf, rosemary, and citrus, with a refreshing acidity and mineral finish. The grapes come from the Psarades vineyard, which provides ideal growing conditions for this ancient varietal.

Lyrarakis Kedros Liatiko Rosé is a vibrant and aromatic rosé wine made from the indigenous Liatiko grape. This wine is sourced from the Kedros vineyard, located at a high altitude that enhances the grape's aromatic potential. The wine is characterized by its bright pink color and offers delicate floral aromas alongside notes of red berries and herbs. On the palate, it is refreshing and well-balanced, with a crisp acidity and a lingering fruity finish. This rosé captures the essence of the Cretan terroir and the unique qualities of the Liatiko grape.

Lyrarakis Katsifali is a red wine made from the indigenous Katsifali grape. It features aromas of red fruits, such as cherry and plum, complemented by subtle spicy notes. On the palate, it is medium-bodied with soft tannins and a balanced acidity, leading to a smooth and lingering finish.

Aggelis Liatiko is a distinctive red wine made from the indigenous Liatiko grape.  This wine comes from the Aggelis vineyard, known for its old vines and ideal growing conditions. The wine exhibits aromas of dried fruits, spices, and herbs, with a touch of earthiness. On the palate, it is elegant and complex, with smooth tannins, balanced acidity, and a long, refined finish.

We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, May 22 ~ 4:30pm-6:30pm
$10 per person ~ No reservations needed

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