Join Us For Some Refreshing Porch Pounders!

With the temperatures rising in Charleston, we thought we’d feature a few Porch Pounders ~ the kind of wines you can enjoy on a warm afternoon while lounging on your porch, chatting with friends, and savoring the moment. These have bright acidity, fruity flavors, and a crisp finish, making them perfect for casual sipping or pairing with light summertime meals. They're meant to be enjoyed without much fuss or ceremony, just pure relaxation and enjoyment.

Wines We're Tasting:

Caves de Seyssel Brut Petite Royal: This sparkling wine from Caves de Seyssel tantalizes with its crisp, refreshing notes of green apple and citrus, dancing atop a delicate effervescence. Its fine bubbles create a lively mouthfeel, while hints of brioche and almond add depth and complexity, culminating in a clean, invigorating finish that leaves you longing for another sip.

Casal de Ventozela Contatto: Casal de Ventozela Contatto enchants with its vibrant aromas of ripe tropical fruits and delicate floral undertones. On the palate, it unveils a harmonious blend of citrus zest, green apple, and a touch of minerality, balanced by a lively acidity that carries through to a zesty, lingering finish. This wine is a delightful expression of the Vinho Verde region, perfect for sipping on a sun-drenched afternoon.

Venica & Venica Pinot Grigio "Jesera": Venica & Venica Pinot Grigio "Jesera" captivates with its elegant bouquet of white peach, pear, and hints of wildflowers, evoking a sense of pastoral beauty. On the palate, it unfolds layers of ripe orchard fruits, complemented by a refreshing acidity and subtle mineral nuances, culminating in a long, graceful finish. This Pinot Grigio exemplifies the Venica & Venica estate's commitment to crafting wines of exceptional finesse and character.

Fattoria Di Sammontana Alberese: Fattoria Di Sammontana Alberese showcases the unique terroir of Tuscany with its rich, ruby-red hue and enticing aromas of ripe berries, Tuscan herbs, and a hint of leather. On the palate, it delivers a harmonious fusion of black cherry, plum, and savory spice, framed by velvety tannins and a lingering, earthy finish. This wine is a testament to Fattoria Di Sammontana's dedication to producing authentic, terroir-driven expressions of Sangiovese.

Wednesday, May 8 ~ 4:30pm-6:30pm
$10 per person ~ No reservations needed

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