A Tour of the Terroir of Argentina

A Tour of the Terroir of Argentina

For this week's tasting event, we have the pleasure of savoring delightful wine varietals hailing from Argentina. Argentina's primary wine production regions are nestled within the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan, and La Rioja. Furthermore, areas such as Salta, Catamarca, Río Negro, and, more recently, the southern reaches of Buenos Aires have also emerged as notable wine-producing territories. Notably, Mendoza province stands as the leader in Argentine wine production, contributing over 60% of the nation's total wine output and a substantial portion of its exports. One remarkable advantage of these key wine-producing regions lies in their high altitudes and low humidity levels, which act as a natural shield for Argentine vineyards, sparing them from the typical challenges of pests, fungi, molds, and grape diseases that afflict vineyards in other corners of the world. As a result, Argentine vineyards require minimal, and sometimes even zero, pesticide application, creating an ideal environment to produce organic wines.


Villa Sandi “Il Fresco” Prosecco~

Villa Sandi Il Fresco Brut is produced in Northeastern Italy, specifically in Treviso, a central hub for Prosecco production. Treviso, with its 95 municipalities, boasts a distinctive soil composition influenced by the nearby Piave River, featuring pebbles, stones, sand, and clay. The DOC regulations dictate that wines can only be labeled as "Treviso" if they meet the strict criteria of being made from grapes grown, harvested, and vinified within the Treviso province.

This "Il Fresco" Prosecco showcases enticing scents of ripe golden apples, acacia, and honeysuckle on the nose. Its palate delivers a refreshing and dry experience, highlighting vibrant fruit flavors like citrus and stone fruit.


Bodega Colome Torrontés 2021~

Our La Brava vineyard estate, situated at an elevation of 1700 meters, is renowned for being the ideal altitude for cultivating grapes of this variety. With a substantial diurnal temperature fluctuation and abundant exposure to the sun's intensity, the grapes grown in this locale acquire a distinctive aromatic profile, resulting in the creation of a refreshing wine distinguished by its remarkable acidity.

This aromatic Torrontés presents a bouquet of floral tones reminiscent of roses, coupled with the zesty fragrance of grapefruit and a subtle hint of spice. When savored, it delivers a refreshing, well-rounded, and full-bodied experience, concluding with a lingering and graceful finish.


 Amalaya Malbec Blend~

Amalaya beautifully encapsulates the distinctive climate and soil characteristics found in Argentina's Northern Calchaqui Valley while paying homage to the rich heritage of the indigenous Calchaqui people. The name "Amalaya" is deeply rooted in Calchaqui beliefs, signifying their commitment to maintaining the harmony of nature's deities and striving for a balanced equilibrium of forces to ensure sustainability over generations. Among these revered deities, "Pachamama," or "Mother Earth," holds a special place, overseeing the cycles of planting and harvesting with great reverence.

This 2021 Malbec is a youthful, vibrant wine with a rich, ripe fruit character and excellent balance. It showcases typical varietal characteristics, including hints of violets and small berries, with a subtle herbal note. This medium-bodied wine displays moderate ripeness and a modest alcohol content of 13.9%. Interestingly, it's not purely a Malbec; it also incorporates 10% Tannat and 5% Petit Verdot.


Ben Marco Cabernet Sauvignon~

Ben Marco wines are crafted with the utmost respect for nature, employing minimal intervention in the winemaking process to unveil the purest expression of the subterranean treasures from the extreme sites where Ben Marco grapes flourish. Edy Del Popolo passionately shares, "My aim is to refrain from imparting my own influence upon Ben Marco wines. What truly captivates me is witnessing the unadulterated potential of the vines, free from any winemaking manipulation."

A captivating, profound crimson hue introduces this wine, accompanied by fragrant notes reminiscent of ripe black cherries, strawberries, and roasted cocoa beans. Upon tasting, an explosion of both red and black fruits unfolds on the palate, followed by the emergence of delicate baking spices that pave the way to an irresistibly mouthwatering finish.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


The Team at the Wine Shop of Charleston


                              Join us for Wednesday’s “Wine on the Water” tasting!
                                                      October 4th 5pm-7pm
                                                            $10 per person
                                                    No reservations necessary.


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