Castello Romitorio Brunello Di Montalcino Library Edition 2006

Castello Romitorio Brunello Di Montalcino Library Edition 2006

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A thousand years of history. First a temple, then a fortress and a monastery, then a castle, a manor house, a shelter for shepherds and their flocks, and, finally, an art workshop and winery. From the Etruscans to the Romans, through the turbulent Middle Ages, abandonment and then restoration by Sandro Chia in the eighties, Castello Romitorio is a place where time has a physical, tangible dimension. It is a place where wine is an intrinsic part of the history, and which tells the story of hundreds of years of passion for this place, which has always been highly suited to winegrowing, and disputed for its strategic importance as a trade and travel route.

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