Women of Wine Too Cool To Fool

Corsica, France

She dances around her winery, atop the cliffs of the island, the Mediterranean sea air wafting through the room and the lyrics of David Bowie's Fame on her lips.

Could it be my babe could it babe? / Could it babe could it babe? / Is it any wonder I reject you first / Fame (fame) fame fame / Is it any wonder you are too cool to fool

In her tortoiseshell glasses winemaker Josee Vanucci glides across the winery floor singing to herself as she puts her finishing touches on her Vermentinu Blanc. Bowie lyrics are scribbled all over the chalkboard walls of her wine room; an inspiration for her. Fame fame fame fame starts to fade out only to be replaced with opening licks of Rebel Rebel.

Burgundy, France

In the patchwork earth of Burgundy, she sits among the vines of her vineyard, admiring the warm caramel sunset. A glass of sparkling wine in hand, this is her first rest from a long day crafting her cremant. Beside her is a damejeanne, a beautiful, large, round glass jar with a thin neck that has been used to store and transport wines and spirits since the middle ages. In this one is some sparkling liquid for her personal enjoyment, and she can't help herself to a playful smile at the tongue-in-cheek reference. Winemaker Jeanne Piollot grew up on the southern edge of Champagne before moving to Burgundy to make her wine. Dame Jeanne translates literally to Lady Jeanne, giving a regal air to her name and this rustic region. And as a lover of sparkling wine, it flowing through her veins, she smiles again at the double meaning of Dame Jeanne and damejeanne, enjoying her reprieve, and takes another sip.

Willamette Valley, Oregon

From old vine Pinot Noir, she has vinified a white wine in which she now carefully and lovingly blends a small amount of the other Burgundian varietal, Chardonnay, to give the wine some weight. The energy of the day told her this was the perfect day and the perfect time to put this Pinot Noir Blanc together. Having made wine in the Willamette Valley for over twenty years now, she puts her expertise, passion and poetry into the bottles she creates. Something special, a little something extra, was need for this 2020 vintage however. 2020 was tough for us all, humanity collectively, and so Kelley Fox decided to go with a bit of hope and inspiration for us all. She had her daughter Violet design a new label for the 2020 release. It's simple and it's perfect: A phoenix rising. Meant as a representation of us all, humanity collectively, rising from the ashes of a dark year. Giving us hope. Uplifting us so that once again we can all soar.

Bordeaux, France

The foie gras was seared to perfection, a dollop of warm blackberry compote melting from the sizzle, and as she took a delicate yet decadent bite, she swallowed the foie down with a sip of Sauternes. But this was just the appetizer. Over the grill, her husband Xavier was flame broiling a set of steaks for their dinner. Winemaker Caroline Perromat was responsible for opening and decanting a bottle of her Chateau du Mayne. Her vineyard, in the Cérons appellation, an enclave in the Graves area and on the border of Sauternes, was created in 1936 and is part of the first AOC officially recognized in the Bordeaux region. Like velvet, the wine poured down the glass of the decanter as sizzling aromas of the steak peaked her appetite. She poured a touch of the red wine into two glasses to let it aerate. Putting her nose into a glass to savor all of the wine's aromas and nuances, she liked what she found there. The other glass, Caroline brought out to Xavier. It was time to eat.


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