The Road Less Traveled: Paths and Trails Through Northern Spain

Tour Intinerary

Beginning: Wednesday August the 25th. Pick Up Time 5PM. Conclusion 7PM


While in Barcelona, after indulging in the Catalnese cuisine and taking in the sights, whether it be the cathedrals and ancient architecture or a relaxing day at the beach right on the Mediterranean Sea, you will be greeted by our tour guide who will escort you on your journey. Spear in hand and riding upon the back of a bear, she will be easily recognizable. But worry not, though your transportation be living and ferocious-looking; the bears themselves are docile and your guide is the Goddess of the Hunt, so you'll be in good hands.


Once collected, you will be taken a short way south of the city to the Penedes region. There, you will be taken right to the heart to enjoy some refreshing Cava, the local sparkling wine. Made with the traditional varietals of Macabeo and Xarel-lo and produced in the same method as Champagne, these bubbles will be the perfect refreshment after your trip from the city. Once satiated, you'll be taken up the foothills to the highest vineyard in all of the Penedes. There, you will once again enjoy some Macabeo, but this time the wine will be still. Blended with the Macabeo will be some Parellada, a light, dry and crisp white produced by Can Feixes with subtle notes of lemon citrus.


Climbing down the mountain, you will head north-west into the Tempranillo country of Rioja. Like generations of travelers before you who were on their way across the mountainous Basque Country, you will stop and stay in the town of Ostatu. Located in an 18th-century structure in the foothills of the Sierra de Cantabria range which was a former country inn (or hostel, offering hospitality; the origins of the name Ostatu) the Sáenz de Samaniego family has been farming in the area since the 16th century. They've been working the land there for so many generations, in fact, that their family name and the village’s name are the same.


After your respite with Ostatu's rosado of Tempranillo, you will be taken south along the Bernabeleva, The Path of the Bear, a 22 kilometer trail that beings in the village of Tunon and ends in the locality of Entrago. Perfect for lovers taking a casual stroll, cyclists and wine enthusiasts, the Camino de Navaherreros, The Way of the Navaherreros dirt road, along the Path of the Bear, you will come upon the Bernabeleva vineyard to enjoy their Garnacha, the Spanish term for Grenache.

The Rest of the World:

This will conclude your tour. The Goddess will return to the heavens whence she came. You will be on your own to explore the rest of the planet according to your own wiles and desires. We hope you enjoyed your trip with us and we wish you well and prosperity wherever your journey may take you.


The Wine Shop Team


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