The Life Aquatic

Ok, listen to me. The human world, it's a mess. Life under the sea is better than anything we've got up here. Here on the shore we work all day, out in the sun we slave away. While under the sea they devotin' full time to floatin. Under the sea. Down there all the fish are happy, though they be what we land folk love to cook. The fish on the land ain't happy, but the ones under the sea are off the hook!

Ok. Sorry. Shameless The Little Mermaid lyrics. Please, please, no one tell Disney that we used a portion of the song for this newsletter, being a Mom & Pop we'd much prefer to not get sued by them!

We are doing some deep diving in to some cool new stuff this week though! All four wines are fresh and lively and all have an oceanic theme. We've been calling our Tastings Wine on the Water thanks to our killer view of Charleston Harbor, so why it's taken us so long to do an aquatic-inspired lineup is beyond us. All we need now is a boat so we can actually do tastings out on the water!

To begin, let's talk about waves. In the ocean, waves are formed when the wind blows across the water's surface causing ripples and in conjunction with the tides those ripples grow in size making the water rise and fall. There is another kind of wave as well however and it is defined as: A sudden occurrence of or increase in a specified phenomenon, feeling, or emotion. An example of this latter kind, is that since the ever-annoying 'global supply chain issues' that have been plaguing us (pun intended) over the past couple of years began, the inability to get certain products seem to come in waves. The latest wave, for us here at the Shop anyway, has been the lack of being able to get Italian whites. We were however able to get our fins, er hands, on a cool little organic gem from Mercato. It's their Pesce Vino Bianco Garganega. Pesce is Italian for Fish and gracing the label are all sorts of under the sea creatures.

Up next, from Napa, California, is Tarpon Cellars Cambaro Rosé. Made from Tempranillo, this is a Rosé that pairs perfectly with the kind of "Fall" season we have here in Charleston. The weather isn't the only thing that pairs with this wine however. Winemaker and founder of Tarpon Cellars, Jeremy Carter (who will be making a guest appearance in the Shop when he's in town some time in late October), has curated a Spotify playlist to pair along with this wine. Just scan the QR Code on the back of the bottle and you'll be immersed in a completely sensory experience. Adorning the label of this beauty is the artwork of Charlie Hanavich. All of the Tarpon labels have a nautical theme and this Rosé is no exception with a colorful rendition of a crab. We'll keep you updated on when Jeremy will be in town so that we can have a Meet & Greet with him and possibly have him pour another tasting for us!

The final two wines are something really special. Vintner and founder of Oceano Wines from San Luis Obispo, Rachel Martin, focuses on making solely only two wines: An unoaked Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir. Production on both is super low, so each vintage not very much is made. Ms. Martin also utilizes Sustainable winemaking practices and both of her wines are Vegan. She also has some serious pedigree and an impressive resume. Between her studies in viticulture and enology from Napa Valley College, her Diploma Program in Sensory Evaluation from the University of Bordeaux’s School of Enology, and her work in the wine industry in her home state of Virginia (where she established Middleburg as an American Viticultural Area in 2012), Rachel’s bicoastal, ocean-loving lifestyle is embodied by Oceano Wines. She is a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier International New York and Washington, D.C chapters, and was the first woman to be inducted into the District of Columbia chapter of the International Wine & Food Society. We'll be enjoying both of Ms. Martin's wines, and, if you fancy them, we encourage you to grab them as they're pretty limited and sought after.

The motto of Oceano Wines is: No matter where you are, Oceano Wines bring the coast to you. Luckily for us, we already enjoy wine... on the water. So put on your Steve Zissou red beanie and join us for this 'under the sea' adventure. And if anyone knows Bill Murray, feel free to invite him!

We'll see you there!

The Wine Shop Team


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