Summer Whites with Carrie White Part II

With the possible exception of a place like San Diego, the "Pleasantville" of the U.S., where it's a sunny High 72/Low 72 every single day, no matter where you live in the rest of the country you're going to have a couple of months of bad weather. The North has Winter and the brittle bleak of January and February. But we here in Charleston have a unique problem. Every year around June fissures open up in the Earth beneath our city, creating a direct path to Hell itself allowing it's fieriness to escape and blast us with its heat and humidity. Thus, our unique problem, is that our bad weather, is the Summer. What an incredible problem to have!!!

On the downside of Summer being our problematic season, it does get a bit too hot and heavy to drink bolder and richer wines, weightier Reds especially. To help overcome this challenge, last year in July we did a Tasting based on a play-on-words titled Summer Whites with Carrie White. Carrie is the former Beverage Director for The Glass Onion and now she slings a wine bag for Grapevine Distributors. She'll be in house with us again this year, pouring some fabulous stuff!

Do you know what's great about sparkling water? The fizz and bubbles hit your system faster, thus quenching your thirst more rapidly, which is great in this heat. But do you know what's even better than sparkling water though? Sparkling wine! So obviously we're going to begin with some sparkling wine. The Crémant by Dopff & Irion from Alsace will absolutely do the trick. The history of sparkling wine production in Alsace is said to go back to around the year 1900, when Julien Dopff is said to have applied the "champagne method" to his own Alsatian wines. This Crémant is a mainstay both on our shelf and in our fridge at home!

The next wine will hopefully appease and be a source of relief during the dog days of summer. Hailing from Marlborough, New Zealand we've got the Ranga Ranga Sauvignon Blanc. Named after the Maori word for "gentle breeze", something we sorely lack in July and August, this wine captures the briskness of the fresh sea air of its Blind River terroir in the southern Marlborough.

For the final two wines we'll be hanging out in Southern France. The first from the Languedoc and the other from the Coteaux d'Ensérune. First up, Wine Three (Wait For It), is an everyday drinking un-oaked Chardonnay. Once upon a time there were three French guys named Henry, each of whom thought that he should be the king of France. And - what the folks who make this wine decided to do was disregard any history lesson or correlation between these three Henry fellows and just name their wine after them. So what we're getting is Three Henry's Chardonnay! (We told you to wait for it). We're not quite sure that the producers of this wine even care why they ended up naming their wine Three Henry's, as they say themselves: Sometimes naming a wine is as challenging as making a wine.

To conclude we've got something pretty special. We'll be enjoying the Foncalieu Piquepol Rosé, which is made from Piquepoul Noir. Your first thought here is probably Oh cool, a Rosé made from Picpoul. But reign in your horses. The Picpoul that you're probably thinking of, the Picpoul we all enjoy pretty frequently, is Picpoul Blanc. This is Piquepoul Noir and while it has grown in Southern France for centuries, now only 250 acres of growing area for this varietal remain in the world! The wine is super small production and super limited. We can't wait for you to try it, of you haven't already!

August is here, like the lion it is, and hopefully the humidity will finally break early in September so that we can actually enjoy our much more pleasant Indian Summer. But until then, come cool down with us on Wednesday and satiate your palate with some Summer Whites presented to you by Carrie White.

PS - August 4th (Thursday) is National White Wine Day!


The Wine Shop Team

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