Step Aside Rosé, Picpoul May Just be the "New" Wine of Charleston

If you are reading this, we can only assume that you accepted the Click Bait of the title of this piece. You're thinking to yourself, Rosé has LONG been the favorite wine of Charleston! And you would be absolutely correct. It's light, dry and refreshing. It's the perfect wine for our hot summers. And given our year-round mild weather, Rosé can and is enjoyed here all year long. Rosé also happens to pair well with several of Charleston's favorite pastimes and activities: Brunch, Boating and Day-Drinking. And Rosé is for everyone. Women have been enjoying light pink wine for quite some time, prompting such phrases as Rosé All Day, Stop and Smell the Rosé and Where There's a Will There's a Rosé. But it didn't take long for the fellas to join in on the fun. And while the city of Charleston may not have coined the term Brosé, indicating a group of guys who all love Rosé as well, we'd like to think we did. Ok, you're now thinking, after all that, Just what in the heck are we talking about with some other wine replacing Rosé in the top spot?!?

Hear us out.

No One is trying (as if anyone even could) replace Rosé. We all love it way too much! But have you ever heard of Picpoul? That question is rhetorical, because I'm sure you have; we talk about it at the Wine Shop ALL THE TIME. We love Picpoul. Just as much Picpoul leaves our doors in our green wine bags as Rosé does. And it's just as versatile. Light, dry and refreshing? Check. Good for our hot summers and year-round mild weather? Check. How about for Brunch, Boating and Day-Drinking? Check, Check, Check. One more test: Rosé is inexpensive. Our number 1 Picpoul is $10.99

And one more thing about Picpoul: it extremely food friendly. The name Picpoul derives from the word Piquepol, which translates to "Lip Stinger" due to the wine's high acid. And wines with high acid always pair best with food. Picpoul is perfect for our Charleston cuisine. Oysters; raw, steamed at an Oyster Roast, grilled, as a slider or in a stew. Want to cut the spice from the sausage in Shrimp and Grits? Picpoul. Need a wine for some local shrimp or to play nicely with ceviche? Picpoul. And then there's our favorite; when not eating a Charleston delicacy and we're just craving some Asian food, Picpoul is there to help satiate through the spice, heat and complexity of flavors of that style of cuisine as well.

This Wednesday, we're going to have some fun with Picpoul. We'll do the Classic of course, a Picpoul de Pinet from down in the Languedoc region of Southeastern France. But we'll also do a Sparkling version and another still from Lodi in California's Central Valley.

Hey Wait! That's only 3 wines, don't we usually taste 4?!?

Right you are! Our fourth wine will be a Red Burgundy. You know, for good measure (wink wink). But is there a correlation between Picpoul and Pinot Noir? Come in on Wednesday and find out!

See you there!

The Wine Shop Team

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