Spring Sprang Sprung

Here in Charleston we technically have all four seasons. In reality though, it's more like seven seasons. We've have three summers: Summer which is lovely but has taken the place of Spring, Brutal Summer (which if we're lucky, only lasts June, July and August) and then Indian Summer when the humidity finally breaks. Following that is a short Fall, which again is lovely, and then we have two Winters. Winter one is mild and Winter two is cold; and they overlap. It can be 35 degrees one day and 70 the next. Sometimes we have ice on Christmas and others we're wearing shorts and sparking up the grill. And lastly we have Spring. Spring here lasts roughly about five or six minutes, wedged uncomfortably between the pair of Winters and that pre-Summer we mentioned. Spring is when we get hit with pollen and that yellow dust covers everything and pollen season lasts longer than actual Spring.

But that short Spring we do get is always so pleasant. To celebrate the succession of Winter and the season of rebirth and flowers blooming, we've got a light and refreshing lineup for you this week. Wines that fit the season and a liquid-remedy against the pollen. And yes, this wine selection will still pair well when Spring abruptly ends and that pre-Summer takes over.

Effervescence, full-on bubbles, white wine and rosé!

We'll see you there!


The Wine Shop Team

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