Soaring Into the New Year with Bubbles!

"Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!" So said the French Benedictine monk, Dom Pierre Perignon, when tasting sparkling wine for the very first time.

This may have happened over three hundred years ago, but not much has changed as far as Champagne production goes and how it truly does taste as if we're drinking in the stars; the way the tiny bubbles fizz and dance on our taste buds.

Champagne's lavishness dates back to the time of Dom Perignon when the aristocrats of Europe were popping the bubbly bottles at their royal parties, making the drink an elite item to have and to drink. Kolleen M. Guy, associate professor of history at the University of Texas at San Antonio and author of “When Champagne Became French," says it eventually moved from religious celebrations to a secular one. “After the French Revolution, it became a part of the secular rituals that replaced formerly religious rituals,” Guy told Life's Little Mysteries. "You could ‘christen a ship’ without a priest, for example, by using the ‘holy water’ of champagne.” The drink came to be opened at weddings, baptisms and other religious events, she said.

As it overflows in abundance and joy, Champagne has become a global tradition associated with celebrations and special occasions. Especially on New Year's Eve, toasting to the end of one year and heralding in a new in proper celebratory fashion. But before the clock strikes midnight on the 21st, before that famous Ball drops in Time Square, before you smooch that special someone at 12, you need to be prepared! You'll need some bottles of bubbles stocked, chilled and ready! And that's what we're here for; to make sure you have everything you need for your sparkling New Year's event.

We'll be popping the bubbly a few days early (it's actually never too early to drink sparkling wine; whether days in advance of an occasion or at breakfast!) Come on down to The Wine Shop on Wednesday the 29th for one final Tasting in 2021 as we say goodbye to another year, toast to all of you for your continued support, and cheers to a new beginning in a new year.

See you there!

The Wine Shop Team

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