Party On The Porch - Now With Air Conditioning!

The Party on the Porch has been a Wine Shop tradition for over 25 years now. After a Covid speed-bump in 2020, we brought it back last year and had a great time. This year's ramping up to be even better! Twenty or so different wines will be flowing all day, live music with local singer/songwriter Ben Whitney, a Chef vs Chef charcuterie & cheese battle, an Elvis Tennessee Whiskey tasting, and all around general merriment!

Keeping with tradition, we'll be offering 20% off full cases of wine rather than the usual 10%. Feel free to buy full cases or mix-and-match! 20% off will still apply! And if for some crazy reason you can't make the party on Saturday, don't worry. We'll be honoring the 20% off cases the whole following week, May 23rd - May 28th.

There are a couple of small items of note that we'll be breaking tradition for however. 1. Sadly, there will be no crockpot. Charcuterie boards are going to have to do. And 2. The party is not on the porch. This is Charleston, and the month of May or not, it's humid. We're not going to subject the wines to being outside in the heat, let alone all of you great folks. This is what we have a Tasting Bar for! So yes, we'll all be comfortably inside with the AC on.

To get ready for the party, we're going to take a breather and skip our weekly Wednesday Tasting this week. Wednesday the 25th is World Wine Day so we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programing then!

Feel free to come out this week and enjoy the view with us. Otherwise we'll see you on Saturday!


The Wine Shop Team

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  • Charlotte Devilliers

    Hi! Do we have to buy tickets?

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