It's Perfectly Acceptable to Drink White After Labor Day

Established as an official federal holiday in 1894, after being publicly conceptualized and trying to find footing since 1882, Labor Day is celebrated nationally on the first Monday of September. It also marks the unofficial end of summer, even if the season still technically goes on for a few more weeks. Labor Day also marks the tradition that the color white can no longer be worn, as the summer has ended and attire must give way to fall fashion. This custom began its practice in the late Victorian Era.

While wearing white may be considered a fashion faux pas to some, we assure you that it's perfectly fine to still wear the light shade; especially since the humidity is about to break and our good weather is finally ready to set in. So as it's still summer around these parts, feel free to wear any color you like - even white! And not only that (and feel free to spread this little piece of gossip around) it's also perfectly acceptable to drink white wine after Labor Day as well.

In observance of Labor Day, we here at the Wine Shop and City Marina Spirits are taking the day off so we'll be closed on Monday the 5th. And while we'll be right back at it on Tuesday morning, we are going to take a Tasting break this week as well and not pour on Wednesday the 7th. This way all of you folks who are headed out of town to enjoy the long weekend, there's no need to rush back! The break will be a short one however, as Wine Tastings and (wearing white & drinking white!) recommence Wednesday September 14th.

If skipping a week makes you miss us (and we hope it does!), take this opportunity to think about Pour Choices. Pour Choices is the monthly subscription program that we'll be launching soon. You can sign up on our website or email either or For $99 per month you'll receive 3 exclusive wines that you won't be able to find on our shelves and that will outshine a $99 price point! The program will give you the opportunity to try new things, get out of your comfort zone and if there's a particular kind of wine that the typically don't enjoy and a bottle of it happens to find its way into your box maybe it's time to give it a revisit. What's the worst that can happen? You gave a high quality wine another shot and either you enjoy it or know it's still not for you.

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day, whatever you're getting into. Looking forward to seeing all your faces again and catching up over a few glasses on the 14th.

See you then!

The Wine Shop Team


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