National Wine Day - Or, You Know, the Average Wednesday

We here at the Shop love coincidences. Such as, have you ever noticed that Taco Tuesday always falls on a Tuesday? Or when the thirteenth happens to be on a Friday, like it was this month? Well another one is that this year National Wine Day is on Wine Wednesday. Our Wine Wednesday! As in National Wine Day is the same day we hold our weekly Tastings! What can be better than that?!? So in true and proper fashion, we're going to take a trip around the world and do the full gamut of the wine spectrum: Sparkling, White, Rosé and Red. Our wines will highlight France, Italy, Washington State and Uruguay! 

For France, we'll be highlighting a Loire Valley Crémant (French Sparkling wine not from Champagne). From Italy the White, a Frascati (In the Pinot Grigio family and the unofficial House Wine of Rome). The Red will be the National Varietal of Uruguay, Tannat.

You thought we forgot the Rosé didn't you? Absolutely Not! The Rosé is from the Walla Walla Valley in Washington State and is 100% Sangiovese. It's made by winemaker Charles Smith. The reason we saved the Rosé for last in this post is because we wanted to share Mr. Smith's storied tale.

He grew up around Napa Valley, but was not in the wine world. As a young man he fell in love with a young lady, but she was on her way to move to Europe. In a grand romantic gesture, he went along with her. Shortly after their arrival however, said young lady broke it off with Mr. Smith and went along her merry way, leaving Smith stranded in a foreign country. Alone in a bar drowning his sorrows, he met some folks and they struck up a conversation. They quickly became friends and lo-and-behold the people were the duo from the famed indie rock band The Raveonettes from Copenhagen. Smith ended up being their tour manager and traveled all over Europe with them. This however was during the time before social media (young people brace yourselves). One of the best ways to promote the band and the shows was with a flyer. The advertisement needed to be eye-catching and visually stimulating. This is where Smith learned to love Pop Art; the format he would later use (and still does) with his wine labels. During a stint in the United States with the band, Smith was trying to decide whether to return to Europe or stay in his homeland and maybe open up a little bar. On a road trip in Washington, he met a winemaker who convinced him to make his own wine instead. So he did. And still does.


And so, a trip around the globe for National Wine Day. The Charles Smith story is obviously great, but come on by on Wednesday for more stories and some truly great wine.


See you there




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