May the 4th Be With You

The world changed on May 25th, 1977 and the Hollywood film industry was revolutionized when the phenomenon Star Wars - Episode IV A New Hope was released into movie theaters and the collective conscience of a generation. The catchphrase, May the Force be with you, became a mainstay in the global lexicon. The expression became so popular that it received its own holiday in 2011, over 30 years after it was first introduced. May 4th, in honor of the franchise, is now know as Star Wars Day, or more aptly, May the Fourth Be With You.

While Star Wars creator George Lucas has cashed in on every merchandising opportunity possible, to the best of our knowledge there is no Star Wars wine. And even if there were we wouldn't subject you to it!

We are going to stick with a space-epic, swashbuckler theme however. First up representing the Luke Skywalker & Co Rebels is a Rkatsiteli (an ancient grape varietal used to make a dry and crisp white wine) called Guardians (Rebel Alliance) from the Kakheti region of eastern Georgia (country, not state). Adorning the label is a Princess Leia-esque warrior named Lela, a legendary warrior who helped liberate Georgia from foreign warlords in 1659.

The Anna Rosé by Gonc has held the top spot for rosés here at the shop for the last three years running. Named in honor of his grandmother, Anna, this is winemaker Peter Gonc's flagship. But Peter is a self-professed geek, nerd. He loves the X-Files and UFO's and alien lore. Apparently there has been several alleged UFO sightings over Slovenia and Peter Gonc is smitten with it. Thanks to the Anna Rosé, he is able to fund his pet project - another rosé called Grape Abduction with a flying saucer hovering over his vineyard as the label art. In true Gonc fashion, he's put together another beautiful rosé and this one is an absolute bang for the buck as it comes in a liter bottle rather than the traditional size of 750 milliliters. The wine may not come from a galaxy far, far away, but it's got its ties to outer space.

Of all the characters in the Star Wars universe, the sly and sardonic smuggler, Han Solo, is our favorite. In his honor we'll be enjoying the Clos LaChance 22 Pirates Red Blend. This wine is a galactic adventure of a wine that pays homage to the 22 varietals grown in the Rhone Valley but also flourish in California's Central Coast. Smugglers, space pirates and general scoundrels at play!

We love Italian wine here at the Shop and easily one of our favorite producers is Spinetta. Whether it's Sangiovese or Nebbiolo, we love everything that Spinetta does and when we see that sketch of a Rhinoceros on a label it sets our hearts aflutter. But La Spinetta also does a Moscato, a semi-sweet and semi-effervescent (frizzante in Italian), called La Spinetta Moscato d'Asti Bricco Quaglia. This isn't any run-of-the-mill Moscato however. This wine is known for being the first single vineyard Italian Moscato. It's actually pretty impressive. And the inaugural vintage of this wine being created was 1977, the same year that Star Wars was released.

Finally, as a special treat, we're going to have a bottle open to pour just for fun. Keeping with the motif, we'll be splashing some of the Empire Estate Dry Riesling from the Finger Lakes in New York. (Insert Darth Vader theme music here).

We'll be joined by Kate Griffin from Grassroots, who will be pouring for us this week. So come on out and join us for some lighthearted fun and really good wines.

Good day, God bless and May the Force be with you!


The Wine Shop Team


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