It's Gonna Be May

May is just around the corner and we've got alot going on!

May Day, May 1st, falls on a Sunday this year. And while this ancient festival heralding the coming of summer typically includes singing, dancing and merriment, we suggest taking it easy and doing some relaxing because the rest of the month kicks into high gear pretty quickly!

Holiday 1 - Cinco de Mayo (Read: Tequila. Yes, we have that. And obviously you're gonna need to either stock up or replenish what you already have!)

Holiday 2 - The Kentucky Derby. On Saturday May 7th will be the running of the 148th Kentucky Derby race. We're going to skip our regularly scheduled SommTV programs and have the Pre-Show footage on the television all day. And then stick around until 6:57 for the best one minute in all of sports when the actual race is run! But don't worry about being bored while waiting for the race. We're going to have some special wines by the glass (or bottle) available for you to purchase and enjoy while you watch the race with us or just enjoy the view. Kendall-Jackson, the preferred wine of the Kentucky Derby, has made a limited-edition commemorative bottle of red and white in honor of the race this year and we'll be popping both for you! Epicenter leads the pack as the favorite contender to win the race, followed by Messier, Taiba and Zandon. But for obvious reasons we're a sucker for Tawny Port, even at 100-1 odds.

Holiday 3 - Mother's Day. After a glass or two of Derby wine at our Tasting Bar you'll be ready to buy mom what she really wants: Champagne. She may tell you that you don't have to get her anything, but trust us and don't fall for that line!

Holiday 4 - Moscato Day on the 9th. Moscato Monday!

Holiday 5 - Closing out that second week of May is World Cocktail Day on Friday the 13th. Just imbibe and let all the superstitions wash away.

Holiday 6 - Mimosa Day on the 16th. Or do as we do and skip the middle man and don't even bother with the juice.

Holiday 7 - Pinot Grigio Day. Following Mimosa Day, Italy's most recognized white wine is celebrated on May 17th. As you know we've got a great selection of Pinot Grigio, including the newest member of the lineup - Venica & Venica Pinot Grigio "Jesera", which is the only Pinot Grigio served in world-renowned and Michelin Star Chef Daniel Boulud's restaurants.

Holiday 8 - World Whiskey Day on the 21st. Enough said.

Holiday 9 - Saturday the 21st is a BIG day. In addition to the whiskey, it's also our Annual Spring into Summer Party! We're going to be pouring lots of wine all day, have some whiskey for you to taste (See holiday 8), live music, snacks and all sorts of fun! Make sure you Save the Date and come on out. Festivities kick off at noon and we'll be going all day. And sticking with tradition, cases of wine will be 20% off instead of the usual 10! And yes, they can absolutely be mix and match. Can't make it out to the party but still want to cash in on the case savings? No worries, we'll be honoring the 20% case price the whole following week. Eat, drink and be merry with us!

Holiday 10 - Paloma Day on the 22nd. Remember the tequila from Holiday 1? Well now you're going to need some more. And some fresh grapefruit as well. And since this is a Sunday and thanks to South Carolina liquor laws and ABC stores are closed, make sure you plan accordingly!

Holiday 11 - On Wine Wednesday the 25th is World Wine Day. How this day is different from the other 364 days of the year we have no idea, but be that is it may we're going to celebrate it anyway! And our Tasting that night is going to be spectacular!

Holiday 12 - To help ease the hangover of World Wine Day, the 26th is both Sherry Day and Chardonnay Day! That's some serious Hair of the Dog! And yes, we have both.

Holiday 13 - Mint Julep Day closes out the month on the 30th. We're not sure who dropped the ball here by celebrating this cocktail on the 30th as the Mint Julep is the signature cocktail of the Kentucky Derby (See Holiday 2). But at least they got the month right.

But before all this happens, we need to close out April obviously. And for our Tasting on Wednesday the 27th, we have a special guest star in house. Coming all the way from California is our friend and sommelier Michelle Prichard and she'll be pouring some of her favorites from here in the Shop. Come on by and say hello and taste through and really great lineup.

Print this out and post it on your fridge or mark up your calendar because May is going to be a busy month!


The Wine Shop Team






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