Italy: The Land of Wine

The Greeks once called Italy Oenotria, “The Land of Wine.” With thousands of indigenous varietals, some named after the villages and towns they hail from and others where the villages and towns are named after the varietals that grow there, the wines of Italy are complex to say the least. Things we can all agree on however, is that 1. Italian wines pair perfectly with the various foods and cuisine of the regions, and 2. The wines are delicious. 

This week we invite you to take a tour up Italy’s west coast through Tuscany and Piedmont, along the southern side of picturesque mountain ranges as we travel through Lombardy and Friuli. Our guide will be former chef and Italian wine expert, Mike Wilhite. 

We’ll be enjoying some very special wines, including: a female wine maker whose lineage traces back to a Count, who was the first to introduce Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) in Italy after he visited France and imported shoots directly back to his vineyard in the Oltrepò, wines enjoyed by numerous Popes, and a very special back-vintage 2007 Library Edition Cabernet Sauvignon – 14 years old!

We’re going with all reds, not that any of us will mind! Chef Mike will tempt our palates with some truly great offerings, and in true Italian fashion, we’ll probably all be leaving ready to eat. Feel free to bring pizza!



The Wine Shop Team


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