We sure do love our holidays here in the US. Especially the drinking ones! Cinco de Mayo. New Year's Eve. President's Day. But they all pale in comparison to the Big One: Saint Patrick's Day. And do you know I have to say to that? Who Cares. Because where I'm from, yes St. Patrick's Day is a debaucherous day of whiskey, Guiness and (God forbid) green-dyed beer, but growing up in the Northeast we we're mostly Italian. And not only do Italians not care a lick for drunken Irish holidays, we have our own (read:better) festivities. However, there is one holiday that we celebrate that gets completely and utterly overshadowed by Saint Shamrock. And that's Saint Joseph's Day. Celebrated, dominantly by Italians as St. Joseph was the patron saint of Sicily, Saint Joseph's Day always follows two days after the other saint who always wears green on March 19th. Dating way back to the 10th century when the feast day was established, the Day honors Joseph, husband to Mary and adopted Father to Jesus.

For this week's Tasting, on the 16th, eve of Saint Patrick's Day, we're going to skip right on over that and go ahead and celebrate Mr. J with some great Italian wines.

And as per the title of this piece, I'm not referencing Eataly, the great Italian food and wine marketplace in New York City, nor doing a poor Italian accent and pronouncing the word with an insular inflection, but rather just letting you know that along with the wines, in true Italian hospitable fashion, we'll have some snacks for you.


Justin and The Wine Shop Team

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