Dad Jokes & Wine For Father's Day

This Father's Day, forget the Beer Goggles; we'll be seeing through Wine Glasses!

Father's Day is Sunday June 19th and to get you ready, we'll be pouring some great stuff for both you and dad to enjoy! We all know that on Mother's Day, we take Mom out to a nice restaurant for a great meal. But do we do the same for Dad on Father's Day? Of course not. Dad sparks up the grill and cooks his own food - that he shares with the rest of the family.

Dad Joke Interlude: The first thing on my bucket list? To fill the bucket with wine.

Back to standing over the flames of the grill. Our lineup is seasonally appropriate, and like Dad, is detail-oriented. Could we pour four rich and heavy Reds that he absolutely loves? Of course we could. But we're not. It's mid-June in Charleston, South Carolina. Have you been outside? Do you really want to drink big and bold red wines while fighting your way through the thick humidity? Yea, neither do we.

Dad Joke Interlude: We have an open-door policy. Show up with wine, and we’ll open the door.

Ok, so it's hot and gross outside. (Yet one more amazing tidbit about Charleston: Summer is our bad weather! What an incredible "problem" to have!) Anyway, hot and gross. And the man of the hour (Day?) is hovering over flames of a grill. [Kitchen Staff in every restaurant everywhere, we feel your pain.] No one go get Dad a beer to quench his thirst. Instead, crack open Wine 1: Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine Sur Lie from Louis Métaireau. From the Muscadet appellation in western France, at the end of the Loire River and right on the Atlantic Ocean, Muscadet wine is light, crisp and refreshing. You've heard us say a thousand times that what grows together goes together. This is the absolute rule. Right on the Atlantic (so the wine takes on some salty and mineralistic qualities) and also this is oyster country and part of the soil that makes up the terroir for the vines are oyster shells. So guess what this wine pairs well with?!? (Ta-Da!) Oysters. Raw, steamed, grilled; doesn't matter. It'll also help out Dad beat the heat while flame-broiling dinner.

Dad Joke Interlude: What’s the secret to enjoying a good bottle of wine? Open the bottle to let it breathe. If it doesn’t look like it’s breathing, give it mouth-to-mouth.

We've all heard of the theory of Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong can and will go wrong. But what about Cole's Law? It's shredded cabbage. (Sorry. Dad Joke Non-Wine Related Interlude). But now that the oysters are gone but the grilled meats still aren't ready, it is time for a little appetizer of pasta salad, potato salad and, yes, coleslaw. On to wine number two to pair with this course. Pinot Grigio "Jesera" from Venica & Venica in Collio, Italy. Ever so subtle skin contact, a touch leesy, this is not grandma's garden-variety Pinot Grigio. This is the real deal and and as serious as Pinot Grigio gets.

Dad Joke Interlude: I’m a wine enthusiast. The more wine I drink, the more enthusiastic I get.

The king-of-the-castle deserves the crown jewel, right? Hence wine number 3. Rafael Palacios' “Louro” Godello. Rafael Palacios is a scion of a Spanish wine making family, his brother being one of Spain's best and leading winemakers, Alvaro Palacios. Where Alvaro made a name for himself in Rioja and Priorat, Rafael works tiny parcels in Northwest Spain; his crown jewel being the textural white, Godello. It's his best and doesn't Dad deserve the best?

Dad Joke Interlude: Why are the forklift workers at any winery always smiling? Because it’s uplifting work.

Alright, alright. Yes, there's a Red. There had to be right? We need something rich and red and delicious to go with all those goodies on the grill after all! And that's where the true red blend comes in: Bordeaux. This one is a mix of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from the Left Bank of the River Gironde. Dad is a fan of those bold and smooth Cabernet's from California? Perfect! This Bordeaux Superieur from the "First Couple" of French Wines, Julie and Xavier Gonet-Medeville, will be right up his alley. Steak or sausage, barbeque or burgers, the Gonet-Medeville Cru Monplaisir is the complement for Dad to finally relax and enjoy his hard-earned dinner.

Dad Joke Interlude: They should put more wine in a bottle, so there’s enough for two people.

We'll be joined by Clark Moore from Kellogg Selections, who will be pouring for us. And given his namesake, we'd like to give a shout out to our two favorite "Clark" dads: Clark Kent (Son: Jonathan Kent, named after Clark's own adoptive father) and Clark Griswold (Children: Audrey and Russ) of National Lampoon Vacation fame.

Dad Joke Interlude: What do you call a wine hangover? The grape depression.

We'll see you there!


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