Chocolate Hearts and Hearts of Chocolate

Believe it or not, Valentine's Day is here. It seems unreal as we've seen, since the day after Christmas, store displays of Valentine's Day cards, candy, balloons (and whatever other pink-and-red-hearted products Hallmark decides to put out). But yes, the Day has arrived. (It's on Tuesday for the absentminded. So don't forget to stop and pick up that bouquet of flowers. Or wine for a better and more appreciated, not to mention better tasting, gift).

Speaking of better tasting, there's a good chance our sweethearts will be gifting us with that third Valentine's gift option: Candy. And seeing as how our Tasting this week falls a day after Valentine's Day, we'll be enjoying some wines to pair alongside that leftover candy. We'll even have some single-serving bottles (read: half bottles) so as to not indulge in too much decadence. 

We've got some heart-shaped chocolates on the shelf, if need be, locally made at LB Sweets & Treats on James Island, if you need a quick gift to go along with that bottle. As for our Tasting on Wednesday, if you buy LB's chocolate hearts (or any other candy from somewhere else) and your Love doesn't eat them, we'll just pair some wine with it. So while the 3rd-century Roman saint, San Valentino (Saint Valentine) is the patron saint of Terni (a city in Umbria, Italy), epilepsy and beekeepers, the man did not make wine (that we know of). So we're going to have to rely on a different saint to get us started: Saint Hilaire. Saint Hilaire (Hilary of Poitiers) was the Bishop of Poitiers, France in the Loire Valley and his name comes from the Latin word for happy and cheerful. Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux Crémant is a sparkling wine from down in Limoux named for the Benedictine monks from the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire, who invented France's first sparkling wine back in 1531.

Next up, hailing from the commune of Saint-Vérand (another saint) in Beaujolais, we'll very much be enjoying the Gamay Martine et Pierre Marie Chermette - Domaine du Vissoux Les Griottes. We love Gamay and chocolate, this one from Pierre Chermette especially because, as the name implies, Griotte is the French word for a Morello cherry. Cherries and chocolate? Yes please!

The Red to follow is Cabernet from Daou Family Estates in Paso Robles, California. Like Gamay, Cab is another pairing fave when it comes to chocolate. And this one has the heart and soul of a lion! And not only that, but we have it available in not only 750ml bottles but 375ml half bottles.

Also in half bottles is our final wine. A Moscato d'Asti. But before everyone let's out that collective groan and whines about not wanting anything sweet, let us assure you that not only does this Moscato play well with candy, but it's not that bottom-shelf-pumped-with-sugar-Moscato that rots the teeth out of your head and is every dentist's dream come true. No, this is a Single Vineyard Moscato (read: Quality with a capital Q) produced by Michele Chiarlo (read: now an even higher standard of quality.) We think that you're going to be very pleasantly surprised.

While we're in the mood to spread the love this week, this Friday evening we'll have spirits specialist, Chris Parise, in house pouring Gin, Rum and Vodka from Kakira Spirits in Uganda. This is a company that restores faith in humanity. These folks give back in every single way possible. Not only is everything they do sustainable, the foundation of their company began as an endeavor to reduce their carbon footprint, but they provide free housing, education and healthcare for everyone who works for them and their families! Thus every thing they do is hand crafted, this way they can employ as many people as possible to be able to give as many people in Uganda those aforementioned benefits. Not only this, but to not waste resources, they provide electricity to the entire country of Uganda. Come on out and enjoy yourself and give them some love.

This is truly going to be a spectacular week.

Happy Valentine's Day!


The Wine Shop Team

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