Bye Bye Dry January

Congratulations! Your suffering is over! Celebrating through the Holidays can be as exhausting as they are amazing. And for that reason we tend to slow down in January, recoup and catch our breath. Some go full-on Dry and don't drink at all and some go Damp, only drinking on occasion. But all that is over now and we made it through! Is it really any coincidence that February 1st, the gateway out of Dry January, falls on a Tasting Wednesday?

All that being said, it's our inclination that going Dry is for the birds! And so now that January is behind us, going to the birds is exactly what we're gonna do. Taking a little trip to north-central Spain, we're going to visit Viña Zorzal. Zorzal is the type of bird that steals the grapes from these vineyards, and so winemaker Antonio Sanz, with the help of his three sons, do homage to the Zorzal bird by putting his likeness on their label in the hopes that the winged menace stops stealing their crop!

Matt Nelling from McCarus Beverage Company will be our guide on this journey as we have a side-by-each battle of Garnacha versus Garnacha and Tempranillo versus Tempranillo! We'll have a white Garnacha against a red one and then a Tempranillo from Navarra and the other from Rioja, all made by Sanz and sons. These delicious and easy-drinking wines will be the perfect segue out of the cold of Dry January and back to normal.

Another treat this week is that it's the first Wednesday of the month and you know what that means! The Pour Choices subscription boxes will be available for pickup! This month we're taking a tour through Oregon with Maysara's Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé made by a trio of sisters, John Grochau's Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir blend Convivial and lastly an all natural Sangiovese from Buona Notte. Haven't joined yet? What are you waiting for!

We'll see you this Wednesday!


The Wine Shop Team

Post Script: Our apologies for the lack of a Newsletter last week, we were experiencing some technical difficulties. Our thanks though to everyone who came out and enjoyed some Cabernet of the Americas with us anyway! Cheers. 

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