As We Head Into the New Year

If you watch any of the 25 films in the James Bond series, starting with Dr. No (released in 1962) all the way through to 2021’s No Time to Die, if you stay through the end credits you’ll always find the message: James Bond Will Return.

The same is true for our weekly Wine Tastings. 

We’re going to skip the first few Wednesdays in January from Tasting to recoup from the Holidays, but we’ll be back at it soon! We’ve got some great ideas and new surprises for the new year.

Stay tuned…


A Note From The Wine Shop


Another long year. But it’s over now and we made it through. The sequel year to 2020 brought us wine tariffs, global supply chain issues, decreased wine production because Mother Nature herself also had a difficult year, fire and weather devastation in vineyards; all of which led to wine shortages.

And yet, despite these obstacles, it was wine that brought us together. As it always does. And we here at The Wine Shop are grateful. Wine unites us like few other things can. It brings a sense of gathering and community, a sentiment of sharing. We bring a bottle of wine when invited to someone’s home. We give wine as gifts. We open a bottle together to share with one another, to chat and laugh over, break bread with each other and enjoy each other’s company. 

And despite the hurdles mentioned above, and despite the ongoing pandemic, we at The Wine Shop still remain grateful. We’re grateful for your continued and ongoing support. We’re grateful for the stories and conversations you bring when coming through our doors. We’re grateful for the joy our collection brings you, because when you enjoy your wine, it brings us joy in return. We’re grateful when you sit at our wine bar to enjoy the view and hang out with us. We’re grateful to introduce you to new wines as well as your old favorites. And back in May when we threw our annual Party, we were grateful you came out to celebrate with us. If you recall, the Party also kicked off our weekly Tastings. We look forward to every Wednesday, it’s definitely a highlight of our week. And for joining us week after week, hanging out with us and making the Tastings so much fun and a great success, we are grateful. 

2021 may not have been an easy year for any of us, but we’re sticking with gratitude. Because as far as we’re concerned, 2021 brought us new friends. It reunited us with old friends we hadn’t seen because of the 2020 lockdown. It renewed friendships and old acquaintances. We appreciate the camaraderie you’ve brought through our doors and the sense of community you’ve helped us cultivate. In the end, maybe 2021 wasn’t so bad after all.

Thank you.


The Wine Shop Team

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