Angel's Sharing

There is a phenomenon in the whiskey world known as the Angel's Share. While the rich and delectable liquid is aging in the barrel, forming a symbiotic and harmonious relationship between the whiskey and the wood, one of the things that occurs is that the cask absorbs some of the more unpleasant aspects of the distillate and in return adds the flavorful aspects of the barrel back into the liquid. Casks are porous however, and because of this, about 2% (per year) of the liquid inside the barrel disappears. Because the whiskey evaporates 'into the heavens', distillers offer it up rather than seeing it as a loss, taking the more positive route, and have dubbed it the Angel's Share. Does this mean that there are a plethora of celestial beings somewhere up there half in the bag? Probably.

We'll get back to whiskey shortly.

But first, we want to talk about a different kind of Angel's Share. In 2015, Vintage Wine Estates out of California began a project to partner with the Redwood Empire Food Bank in Sonoma County, and out of their wine shipping warehouse they put together over 1500 boxes of food for their neighbors in need. In a very short amount of time, that program, which they call Angel's Sharing, went national very quickly. VWE began partnering with wineries and distributors all over the country and together they began working alongside and feeding food banks all over the US.

Here in Charleston we're doing the good work as well. Republic National Distributing Company got on board with VWE, and as lovers of RNDC's wine portfolio as well as a good cause, we here at The Wine Shop of Charleston couldn't let this opportunity pass to help out our community also. And clearly we're going to do it in the best way we know how: with wine. Under VWE's wine umbrella are Laetitia Estate, BR Cohn Winery and Swanson Vineyards. We've brought these wines in house almost two months ago when the program began here in Charleston to help support and this week we'll be pouring them for you! From when we began until the program ends on October 31st, for every bottle of any of these wines sold, VWE will donate 3 meals to the Lowcountry Food Bank!

From Laetitia Estate we have their Arroyo Grande Valley Pinot Noir. From BR Cohn we'll be pouring his Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon. And from Swanson Vineyards we've got their Merlot. We'll be pouring for a great cause, enjoying ourselves and helping out some of our less fortunate neighbors. Food is Love. Pour it On.

And, as promised, back to the whiskey version of the Angel's Share. Our fourth taste will not be wine, but rather some Small Batch Bourbon from Bardstown, Kentucky's Elijah Craig. But worry not, we'll be enjoying the lot that didn't make it up to that Dionysian feast in the sky!

Three Reds and some Bourbon to finish? We're really looking forward to this one! Not too shabby to come back to after a week's break!

See you there!


The Wine Shop Team

Post Script

Bruce Cohn, founder of BR Cohn Winery, is a music lover. His mother once sang with Frank Sinatra in a Chicago nightclub. And following in her musical footsteps, Bruce was the manager for the Doobie Brothers. He also has a music venue at the winery.

Post Post Script

Small Batch Whiskey is produced by blending distillates from only a small number of selected barrels. Typically geared towards a more premium market, small batch whiskeys are usually aged between six to nine years.

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