2022: Our Thoughts on This Year Before Father Time Turns into Baby New Year 2023

First things first. We hope you had wonderful Holiday season, from Thanksgiving through New Years and all the festivities in-between!

As we reflect on 2022, its triumphs and its obstacles, the one thing we keep coming back to is: Gathering. Getting together again. Stretching our legs and getting back out there. Traveling, visiting, communing once again in groups of family and friends. A sense of normalcy has returned in 2022 and with that has lead to really understanding the importance of family and friendship and spending time together. We've felt that this year people have been more focused on creating memories rather than on material possessions. Gathering again with loved ones is at the heart of this memory making.

Wine plays a vital role as a centerpiece when we do get together. It's what bring us together. Wine unites us like few other things can. It brings a sense of gathering and community, a sentiment of sharing. We bring a bottle of wine when invited to someone’s home. We give wine as gifts. We open a bottle together to share with one another, to chat and laugh over, break bread with each other and enjoy each other’s company. Opening a bottle of wine is the anchor in which we are kept together, for in that bottle there is joy and there is truth and the liquid within helps release the joys and truths within us as well.

This leads us to our gratitude. We're grateful that not only are we allowed to play a small part in the memories you create with your loved ones but also for the memories we get to make with you! We’re grateful for the stories and conversations you bring when coming through our doors. We’re grateful to introduce you to new wines as well as your old favorites. We’re grateful for the joy our collection brings you, because when you enjoy your wine, it brings us joy in return. We’re grateful when you sit at our wine bar to enjoy the view and hang out with us. We’re grateful for your continued and ongoing support. And of course we're grateful when you come hang out with us at our weekly Tastings. We look forward to every Wednesday, it’s definitely a highlight of our week. And for joining us week after week, hanging out with us and making new memories and making the Tastings so much fun and a great success, we are grateful. To be included in and a part of your gatherings makes us grateful.

As the dawn breaks on a new year, we see no real need for a "New Year, New You" mentality. Rather, continue what you've done in 2022 and focus on gathering and togetherness. This life is precious and it's too short to not enjoy it with loved ones, old friends and new, family and acquaintances. There are still way too many memories yet to make! Have a beautiful and happy new year and may 2023 be exceptional.


The Wine Shop Team

Post Script - We'll be taking a short breather this first week of January and not have a Tasting this Wednesday. But Pour Choices boxes will still be ready to be picked up and our hours are back to normal for the whole week. We'll reconvene with Tastings on Wednesday the 11th. Hint Hint - it'll have something to do with the "House of the Pope." (Wink Wink) We'll see you there!

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